college life

Our Philosophy

Curt Monson loved to discuss education and its impact with anyone who would listen.  He believed that it was the key to his success and truly had a passion for lifelong learning inside and outside the classroom.  His daughter Catrice fondly remembers that before she left for college Curt said, she had three choices for an occupation: a doctor, lawyer or engineer. (She became a lawyer and today is also Executive Director of CAM.)

CAM PhilosophyEducation was first and foremost in Curt’s mind.  Besides his children, he was constantly asking his nieces, nephews and cousins: “What is your plan?” “What do you want to do with your life?” and “What is your GPA in order to do that?”  In response, Curt created his own “scholarships” for tuition and books for his relatives, so that they could go on to college and receive an education.  He would drive to Merced, California where many of his relatives resided and hold seminars with his young relatives discussing the virtues and importance of education and then he would take them all out to lunch.

It was not uncommon for Curt to talk with people he met throughout his daily life about their purpose and goals in life.   If he met a valet at a restaurant or clerk at a hotel, he would ask, “Are you in school?” and if the answer was no, he would push them to consider furthering their education.

To support Curt’s belief that everyone must have an education, CAM has created the Scholarship program to help students knock down the financial barriers to receiving an education by providing scholarships to students who would not be able to attend a university or a trade school without financial assistance.

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